The Word of God teaches us from Genesis to Revelation that there are Blessings and Curses upon us as individuals and Nations when we stand with or against Israel. This ministry has therefore been birthed for such a time as this - to place the island of Ireland as a Nation under God's Hand of Blessing instead of His Hand of Judgment. 

Stormont Christian Initiative

is a new initiative for the island of Ireland, in that, it is the endeavor of this Ministry to bring greater awareness of Israel     

to the Interdenominational body of Believers, with emphasis on Christian Politicians, Pastors &, Leaders in Ireland. By holding two "Events of Excellence" a year at Stormont, we will firstly promote and bless Israel and the Jewish people and secondly show prayerful support and encouragement for our Leaders at Stormont.



Our Spiritual Mandate

SCI will aim to hold two events a year at Stormont:

One in Spring for Israel with a focus on Israel and Jewish Believers.


One in Autumn for Ireland with a focus on Prayer for Politicians from Pastors & Leaders including a Middle East Update and Prayer for Israel.

These Events will have a different theme and format each year because this vision is lead, inspired and directed by the Ruach Kodesh, [Holy Spirit] only He can bring the necessary continual creativity which has been stamped upon it since its birth.

To be informed of future Events and Stormont Christian Intercessors please join our free mailing list, details on our contact page.

Shalom Aleichem.

Peace be unto you.



As this ministry is called by God to Pioneer and understanding the ways that the Lord has had this ministry journey across Ireland, North and South in it's pioneering mission, the Lord showed leading up to our May Event at Stormont this year that our season of Pioneering at Government in Northern Ireland had indeed reached completion and that His counting included the first Event in Stormont in May 2007 which was the first ever Night for Ireland to Honour Israel on the 40th Aniversary of the Recapture of Jerusalem.

So once again our Pioneering foundation spread over the three years brings our Mandate of holding two Events a year at Stormont to the closing season of our outreach at Government in Northern Ireland as off May 2010.

For further info on our 2007 Event in Stormont please visit the journey of our beginnings at:

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