Global Day of Echad

Our Global Day of Echad 2015 was a great success, click here to view videos and photos from the event.

This is a Day for Jew & Goyim [Gentile] to stand in unity and display a oneness that the Brit Hadasha [new Covenant] speaks of in Ephesians 2:15 and compounds in Romans Chapters 9-11.  

The above scripture displays a divine

Unity in Yeshua - Not Division by Religion. 

 It is our belief that God desires all believers around the globe to understand the problems that Jewish believers in Israel are currently facing in this the 21st Century AD.

Many Gentile Christians are unaware that we are supposed to be developing a greater unity with our Jewish Brethren in Israel and around the world, rather than allowing the division of religion to come between us and to cause or allow a replacement or dual covenant theology to be taught or supported.

Jesus said "I am the way and the truth and the life.

No one comes to the Father except through me.  

In Yeshua-Jesus we are united and together Jewish, Arab, and Gentile believers should support and strengthen each other in the face of adversity.

When a Jewish or Arab person becomes a believer in Yeshua-Jesus, this alone can bring about a life of subsequent hardship and isolation so we as their new spiritual family should be in the position to reach out a helping hand of love and comfort.


Ireland End Time Alert

It cannot be underestimated what a tremendous privilege it is for the tiny nation of Ireland to be entrusted with the Launch of this Global Day to support the Jewish believer.This is also a Day of preparation for the gentile believer as today we have the freedom to show openly our support of Israel but in the days to come, with the tide of anti-christ sweeping across the globe, standing with Israel will become much more difficult.

Today in Northern Ireland we have the freedom to do this with the blessing of our local Politicians from the Seat of Government. What a tremendous blessing from God this tiny nation of Ireland has been entrusted with!  

Please understand: This Day is not about people, individuals, or ministries, it's about the God of Eternity and a call to the nations to alert ALL the nations of the world Calling them to awake and stand with Zion from a biblical and prophetic, one new man perspective.



Press Release May 2009

Launch of ‘The Global Day of Echad’

Official Event Information from the Ministry of Stormont Christian Initiative

For further information please contact Mrs Donna Taggart SCI:-  07746 985976

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clip_image002The Global Day of Echad was launched recently on the grounds of Stormont Estate with the Parliament Buildings as a magnificent backdrop to what will go down as a spiritually historic day for Stormont Christian Initiative and all who were present.   With speakers, dancers and singers from  around the world taking part, the only thing that was needed to make for a wonderful day had been sorely missing in the months leading up to the event namely the sunshine!  However, the day dawned and proved to be one of the hottest days of the year, so the organisers could not have asked for anything better. 

The event was launched by Mrs Donna Taggart who co-founded Stormont Christian Initiative with Alderman Jim Shannon MLA in May, 2008. This is now the third successful event which has been organised at Stormont under the banner of SCI, and a special thanks must go to all the volunteers who gave their free time to ensure the event was a complete success and in particular Miss Jodie Taggart [daughter of Donna] who was event manager and Mr David Keys, originally from South Africa, who was host for the day.

The Global Day of Echad is launched to establish Christian unity with Jewish believers who reside in Israel. The event also incorporated Arab and Gentile believers from Israel and around the world. ‘Echad’ in Hebrew means a composite unit of ‘one’, therefore the theme was unity in Yeshua [Jesus] not division by religion.

Those who took part in the Programme where Mr Ariel Keren Or from Israel who opened the proceedings by ‘Sounding the Shofar’ and reciting the ancient ‘Shema.’ The Shofar is Sounded in Jerusalem and in all synagogues throughout the world on High Holy Days and Festivals.

The Messianic Worship was led by Mr Jonathan Settel who flew in from the United States with his wife Sharon for the event. The second speaker was a Leaders from the Messianic Jewish Alliance Israel who shared on the Ministry MJAI and how they support all Jewish believers in the land of Israel. He closed Event wearing the ancient Jewish prayer shawl and reciting the Aaronic Blessing over all who attended. The day was interspersed with some very beautiful Davidic dancing led by the Northern Messianic Dancers from the UK. They danced with flags, scarves and banners and included some traditional Jewish dancing where everyone who was attending could join in. 

Music representing Ireland was provided on the day by the very gifted John and Michelle McPeake from Ballymena who also very generously provided and oversaw the complete organising of the Audio equipment for the whole event. A huge ‘Thank You’ goes to them both for donating their time and energy.

In total seven nations were represented at the launch of the Global Day of Echad and approximately 300-400 people came together on the day.

clip_image004A bouncy castle was provided so the children could have a great time too. Also onsite was catering from Dinky Donuts and Country Cooking. 

Ariel Keren Or from Israel then taught in depth on the Hebraic meaning of ‘Echad’ and how Yeshua [Jesus] came to bring Unity in Him and not division by religion. Ariel has taught on the Hebraic identity of the Bride of Christ throughout 35 nations.

M.R, an Arab believer from Israel shared on how Yeshua turned his hate of the Jewish people to love and understanding of their position as a biblical and prophetic nation under the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Dr Thomas Abraham co-founder of the fastest and largest growing Church in India spoke on revival and how this is relevant to our placing Israel in its proper biblical position. He related how his Church started with just 6 members meeting for prayer and how they now have in excess of 25,000 members at every service. Dr Thomas also prayed that revival would start in Ireland and from here spread to the rest of the nations as it had in the past with St Patrick.

A large number of Indian Believers travelled from the Indian communities in England and Ireland to attend the Launch and an interview with Jim Shannon and Donna Taggart took place using Parliament Buildings, Stormont as a beautiful backdrop for the cameras. This interview will be aired on Indian television in the coming weeks and considering the size of the Indian population this is quite amazing.

The event was brought to a close by Donna and Jim who thanked everyone for joining them in what was a spiritually historic day for Ireland, Stormont Christian Initiative and the nations.

Notes to Editor

Stormont Christian Initiative was co-founded by local woman Donna Taggart and Alderman Jim Shannon MLA in March 2008.  Main aim: To bring awareness of the importance of Israel from a biblical perspective to all believers with emphasis on, politicians, pastors and leaders on the island of Ireland.

Echad – means a composite unit of ‘one’ in Hebrew

Yeshua -  means Jesus in Hebrew.

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