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A Pioneering 'Hebraic Heritage' Ministry at Stormont

Shalom & Welcome to the home and vision of SCI online.

The Co- Founders of SCI :

Jim Shannon MP {Member Parliament Westminster} and Donna Taggart, Founder INI {Israel Network Ireland} are both commited believers in Yeshua-Jesus and both live and have raised their families in the beautiful scenic village of Greyabbey, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Greyabbey Villiage is named after an Ancient Monastery which is situated in the village and dates back to the 11 Century AD. The village is located on the shores of Strangford Lough which has breathtaking views of the Mountains of Mourne and is a Tourist Attraction in the North of Ireland.

A brief background of Jim's Education and Career:

  • Ballywalter Primary School
  • Coleraine Academical Institution
  • Ulster Defence Regiment, 1973-1975 & 1976-1977 [General Service Medal]
  • Royal Artillery T.A. 1877-1988

Political Career:

  • Elected to Ards Council 1985 to present.
  • Served as Mayor 1991-1992
  • Leader of DUP Group in Ards Borough Council since 1994
  • Chair of Strangfod DUP Assoc.
  • Member of Northern Ireland Forum for Political Dialogue 1995-1997
  • Member of Northern Ireland Assembly 1998-2003, 2007-present.
  • Co-Founder Stormont Christian Initiative 2007 to present.
  • MP for Northern Ireland at Westminster UK.


A brief background of Donna's Spiritual Calling and Ministry Experience:

  • Pioneered Messianic Ministry in Ireland 1994-present
  • Founder/Director Israel Network Ireland 2001
  • Pioneered and Co-Founded Stormont Christian Initiative 2007
  • Certified Rep CFI-UK Kesher Course
  • Personal Ministry to the born again believer of healing in the bloodline.

Donna Taggart, Founder of Israel Network Ireland, had been in the Ministry of Pioneering Messianic-Hebraic outreach in Ireland, North & South for approximately fifteen years when the Lord spoke to her in January 2007 telling her to Hold A Night for Ireland to Honour Israel and the next day the Lord said at Government. Firstly this was a profound sentence to hear from the Lord and secondly there wasn't a Government in residence in Northern Ireland at that time!

Anyway in May 2007 the first ever Night for Irlenad to Honour Israel was held in Stormont and the story continues to unfold as each month passes. In February 2008 this ministry was launched and has gone on to Host two Events of Excellence in Stormont, one in the Great Hall to Celebrate Israel's 60th birthday and the second in the Long Gallery to gain understanding from those in Parliament of how we as believers can best prayerfully support our Christian Politicians, this Event also provided a Middle East Update and prayer for Israel.

We have had believers join with us from Israel, Europe, India, USA, Iran, UK, ROI, Africa, South Africa to list but a few!

In 2009 the Lord has urged the Launch of the Global Day of Echad which was held on the Stormont Estate, further details of this Day can be viewed by clicking the link above.

This is just a brief insight into how we as a ministry have come into being. We trust you can witness the Hand of Almighty God on this vision and that you will prayerfully consider standing with us both prayerfully and, if God leads you, financially.

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